Point of Sales Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks: 7 POS Systems to Use

Inventory and sales integrated with QuickBooks helps make controlling and running your business better than ever! Discover the 7 most popular Point of Sales systems that integrate with QuickBooks!

QuickBooks is a personal finance and account software. It is highly complex and includes an advanced feature set which makes it complicated and not recommendable for small businesses and organizations. But, once mastered, this software is an incredible accounting and financing solution. As a matter of fact, it is so incredible that many individuals and businesses choose all other business software systems including the Point of Sales system – solely on the basis of QuickBooks compatibility.

Choosing a POS system by that criterion has incredible benefits – saving money and time are just two of the many advantages.

Why Should You Use QuickBooks?

Before we present you the best POS systems that integrate with QuickBooks it is important to discover more information about this software. QuickBooks offers 3 solutions: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Mac, and QuickBooks Pro.

The QuickBooks Mac is an excellent option, however, it doesn’t integrate with any POS software. While QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro serve the same bookkeeping purpose, they include different capabilities and features.

The main features of QuickBooks Online are: cloud-based, ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, invoices and estimates, customizable invoice templates, contact management, manage and pay bills, track inventory, budgeting, print checks, packing slips, tax support, multi-currency support, strong security, and open API.

The main features of QuickBooks Pro are: locally installed, ideal for any size business, supports multiple businesses, recurring invoices, income and expense tracking, live bank feeds, track inventory, project management, budgeting, track mileage deductions, purchase orders, sales orders, journal entries, letter templates, sales tax capabilities, multi-currency support, import/export capabilities, and open API.

7 POS Systems that Integrate with QuickBooks

Here is a list of 7 most popular Point of Sales systems that directly integrate with QuickBooks:

  1. Shopkeep
  2. Vend
  3. ERPLY
  4. SalesVU
  5. Talech
  6. Kounta
  7. Revel

There is a reason why almost all business owners are looking for POS systems that integrate with QuickBooks and that is because a direct integration with QuickBooks means more money, more time, and more peace of mind. With your accounting and books in order, you can go back to focusing on your business and let your new POS system do the hard work for you!

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