4 Efficient Data Capture and Mobile POS options for your Restaurant

4 Efficient Data Capture and Mobile POS options for your Restaurant

Mobile payments in the United States are worth more than 110 billion dollars a year. A huge number of these transactions are going through POS systems in restaurants across the US.

Fast food restaurants, bistros, high-end restaurants – data capture and mobile POS systems are used everywhere today. This is quite logical because these systems are good for both customers and restaurant managers.

With their help, you can speed up the process of ordering, reduce the mistakes during this process, cut drink and food losses etc. In addition, restaurant staff can cross-sell or upsell meals and drinks and customers don’t have to wait for a long time. On top of that, it was proven that customers that use credit or debit cards as a payment method usually spend more. Now let’s check the four efficient and creative data capture and mobile POS solutions that can help your restaurant business. You can also check this Pos System as it is known to be excellent and easy to use.

1. Cut lines even during busy periods

You are probably aware of the fact that long lines can make many potential clients start looking for another establishment. This means revenue loss and weak loyalty too. However, with the help of mobile POS systems, you can avoid these situations. Staff members that use mobile devices can leave the counter and act as cashiers and order takers. In this way, they can create additional revenue and increase customer satisfaction. All these things are important for your brand.

2. Quick payments and ordering for waiters

Waiters in restaurants that are usually busy and crowded spend a significant amount of time writing down orders and using the POS station. This means that their time for communication with customers is limited. This is one of the main reasons why so many restaurants are switching to tablet/smartphone-based data capture options for processing payments and order entry. Obviously, using a tablet is a better solution because they have larger screens and the customers can easily choose what they want. Thanks to this approach, you will be able to process orders faster and make the payment process more secure and faster too. The latest applications for these devices let customers combine bills from different tables, split tabs and even add tips without manual calculation. Improved customer satisfaction, better tips, and fast table turnover are some of the things you can expect from a data capture solution.

3. Minimize fraud liability with the help of mobile POS devices that are EMV compliant

The EMV initiative is gaining a momentum and that’s why we are witnessing liability changes too. More and more clients are using EMV chip cards today. Starting from two years ago, every merchant must guarantee that their card readers are EMV compliant. Otherwise, they risk fraud lawsuits.

The vast majority of modern card readers found in the market support transactions with the help of magnet stripe or chip. Manufacturer of mobile POS systems are implementing these changes in their latest models and they are offering upgrades for their older models.

4. Gather useful customer information

In the past, restaurant owners couldn’t use the information from credit cards in order to learn more about their customers. To put it simply, they couldn’t find a way to make their offer more personalized to their clients. However, mobile POS apps provide a few interesting data capture features. Modern customers are usually interested in sharing their email addresses, phone numbers and other personal information in order to get discounts, coupons, and rewards in restaurants. Successful restaurant owners are focused on targeting clients with offers that take clients’ location, preferences, and desires into account. This also gives them a chance to create better loyalty programs too.

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